What’s SEO and how do I do it on my website?


You’ve probably heard the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, a lot. If you have a website, it’s almost impossible not to hear people talk about it. At it’s core, Search Engine Optimization is the process of making the pages on your website more relevant to search engines.

WordPress Won’t Load? Don’t panic… Here’s what to do!

What to do when wordpress crashes

I had quite a scare the other morning. Yes, even Cloud Coaches get the blues. I fired up Firefox and headed over to the WordPress backend URL for my website, ready to type up a new blog post, and… Nothing. White screen of death. 500 server error. Holy shit! Keep calm. The first thing I did, was search Google. Knowing how to effectively search is a crucial first step to diagnosing website problems. I noticed […]

You will never become tech-savvy (if you believe that)

Black Board, White Chalk

What is tech-savvyness? Why do some people have it and other don’t? If it’s something that is learned, does this mean that you can teach it?

I’ve been thinking about these questions (and more) lately, and there are a number of different answers. Here’s what I’ve come up with

Is your email list bonus helping you or shooting you in the foot?

Zero Dollar Bill

I was engaged in a lively discussion with my mastermind group a couple of weeks ago. We were talking about the challenge of taking on a business where your objective was to help people solve a problem that they might not know that they have yet. Tough, right? Because you have to sell them on the problem, and then sell the solution. But then I realized that the mailing list freebie was a perfect vehicle […]

The key to successful air travel (and dealing with technology)

Boeing 757-300, United  making sheets of condensation in dawn light, adjusted

My Dad refers to participating in air travel as being in the vortex. He has rules for the vortex. He refers to the vortex in conversation. He sends text messages with vortex status updates. I’ve always taken for granted that other people know about the vortex and its three simple rules, but as I observed on my flight to Portland a few weeks ago, most other air travelers simply do not get it. What is […]

The productivity advice that you never listen to (it’s the only thing that works)

Remove all Distractions

Everybody thinks that there is one piece of productivity advice that is going to magically help them to stay focused. That this one thing, once adopted, will transform their work day into the model of efficiency. Here at Cloud Coach, I specialize in helping people get out from under the crushing blow of their email inboxes by setting up automated systems for dealing with email. I also do a lot of work with business clients […]

Should you leave Blogger for WordPress?


Here’s the scenario: you started a blog about year ago using the free service, blogger. You’ve posted weekly for a year, gotten great comments from your readers, and are really starting to get the hang of it. The only problem? Everyone’s telling you that you need to switch to WordPress. I’ve worked with surprising number of clients in this exact situation. Whether or not they switch to WordPress is entirely dependent on their needs. If […]

Strengthen the Security of your Passwords with Two Step Authentication


Ah, passwords. I’ve written about you before, but since that time so much has happened. Specifically, big companies like Google, Facebook and now Apple, have started offering 2-step authentication. What is 2-step authentication, anyway? You may hear it referred to as two factor authentication, verification, etc, but it’s all pretty similar. The basic idea is that in addition to your password, you have to type in a randomly generated number- usually by an app on […]