How to Create Technology Maps and Remember What You Learn


There is a common belief  that different people have different learning styles. Have you heard of this before? Some people like to hear things, while others like to try. There are visual, tactile, and auditory learners. But is this just myth? A recent New York Times article cites a body of research that finds “almost zero support” for the learning styles idea. Regardless whether or not you agree with these findings, there is no question […]

When Should You Just Give Up with Technology?


You researched. You asked a friend. You posted on a forum. You called tech support. You really, really tried. And it still wouldn’t work.   What are you supposed to do? Every once in a while , you’ll run into a technology problem that you just can’t seem to solve. Being the type of person who likes to figure it out, you get caught up in the quest for the answer. Hours fly by as […]

How to Sell Your First Product Online Using eJunkie


When it comes to selling something online, there are about a million and one ways to do it. The place that most people start is with a simple paypal button, which essentially allows you to create a “pay me” button that a customer can click on. Once you receive notification of that payment, it’s up to you to do whatever is next, like send them the product, book the meeting, etc. If all you need is […]

Is Fear of Commitment Preventing You From Implementing Your Ideas?

fear of implementation

I had an interaction with @adamkingstudio on twitter that left me wanting to write this blog post. The whole conversation was spurred on by something that Chris Gillebeau said: People with powerful messages often get stuck hoarding their ideas. (via @judiknight) — Chris Guillebeau (@chrisguillebeau) April 10, 2012 I agreed, and then Adam said something that was really insightful: @ethanwaldman It’s the execution that’s a slippery slope. The fear of having to commit to the life […]

The WordPress Myth (When WordPress Isn’t Worth It)


This week I want to talk about something that challenges one of the assumptions that I see people making every single day. This is breaking a viewpoint even I haven’t questioned in the past. Allow me to explain. The WordPress Myth With the notable exception of Seth Godin’s blog, I don’t know of any other “a-list” bloggers using anything other than WordPress to build their websites. So naturally the growing stars, wannabes and total beginners […]

Hold Yourself Accountable by Creating Real Human Connection Online


As we shift into a digital world where we use the internet as our main channel of communication, it’s easy to slip into what I call the “lone blogger” persona. This mysterious personality who sits in random coffee shops sipping an espresso drink and working on their next blog post. Running a website or blog can really isolate you from other people. It’s one of the big differences between working online and working in an […]

How to Find Anything on Any Website (Even if There’s No Search Box)


  I’ve gotten a lot of questions from readers about why doesn’t have a prominent search box (and yes, there’s a strategic reason why). In This Week’s Video… I’ll tell you why I chose to move the search box down to the bottom of my sidebar (I even considered deleting it completely). I’ll also show you a great Google trick on how to search someone’s blog or web page regardless of whether or not […]

How to Get The Most from a Coaching Session (Using the Re-Write Method)


I am a huge proponent of coaching. (I have my coach to thank for much of my action and success.) Whether you’re paying for coaching, you have a mentor, a close friend, or all of the above, it’s crucial to take each conversation and capture all of the useful advice and action items. One of the hardest parts of being in a coaching situation is capturing and taking action on all of the great pieces […]