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Don’t Forget to Learn How to Use Your New Gadgets

The Optic Nerve of it all

If you’re like me, maybe you unboxed a shiny new technology gadget this month that you were just dying to get your hands on. If you’re like most people, you probably figured out how to turn it on and press some buttons, but your understanding hasn’t progressed very far past that. This year, I have some counter intuitive advice for you: Throw out the instructions These days, most gadgets skimp on the physical instructions in […]

How to Practice Technology Minimalism

Minimalism outside

This past weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the World Domination Summit, hosted by Chris Guillebeau in Portland, Oregon. While there were many powerful lessons that ran as themes throughout the weekend, one that stood out was the need to take action. Many of the keynote speakers had amazing stories to share, simply because they had decided to take action on a dream or goal. J.D. Roth explained it best, describing how he […]

How Your Smart Phone Can Save You Time

~ Timepass ! ~

In my recent interview on Radio Enso, I talked about how you can use a smart phone to actually accelerate your life. Most people feel like they’re smart phone is just another screen to distract and annoy them, but in reality it can actually take away from the amount of time you need to spend a your computer. I have an iPhone, but any smart phone can bring you the gain in productivity.  The key […]

Hold Yourself Accountable by Creating Real Human Connection Online


As we shift into a digital world where we use the internet as our main channel of communication, it’s easy to slip into what I call the “lone blogger” persona. This mysterious personality who sits in random coffee shops sipping an espresso drink and working on their next blog post. Running a website or blog can really isolate you from other people. It’s one of the big differences between working online and working in an […]

How to Complete Your Online Ecosystem


If you’re a business owner with an online presence, you may be so overwhelmed with one platform that you’re online presence is incomplete.

In this video, I’ll share the 3 mainstays of your online ecosystem and explain how they all feed into each other. If you’re missing one of the three pillars, the cycle is broken.

The Non Writers Guide to Writing Great Blog Posts


Write something. Write anything. Just write. This can be a challenge for someone whose expertise is not writing. Yet your ability to write is at the core of your ability to build a business online. In the offline world, you can rely on whatever your talents are and word of mouth if you’re lucky. When you try to extend those talents and in some way package and sell your expertise online, writing becomes really important. […]

Why do People Fear New Technology?


A reader recently contacted me with an interesting question. He writes: I am the IT department for a small business. My biggest day-to-day problem is driving adoption rates among my 20 users. Despite being given strong tools I find a lot of people want to continue using Outlook and Index Cards. Do you have any insight on what holds people back from learning and implementing new tools? It’s a great question, and I think it […]

Technology Year in Review: How I Run Cloud-Coach for $44.99/Month

Year in Review

Since Cloud Coach is all about living in working in harmony with technology, I thought it would be fitting to look back over the last year at the various pieces of technology that have made my business possible. I’ve tried to list them in order of when I first started using the platform, along with my notes about whether I’d choose it again if I was starting over. Website Platform: WordPress Cost: Free I’ve written […]