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A Business is Born: The Cloud Coach Annual Review


Being that this is the first year that Cloud Coach has existed on the great wide internet, I can’t write a clever intro about how I like to look back each year, or about the progress we’ve made here on the site. I can’t compare my results this year to my results last year, and I can’t tell you about how my readers have grown or changed since the last time I’ve done this exercise. […]

Are You Getting Ignored? Learn How to Get Noticed


Today on Cloud Coach, we’re going to do something different. I’ll be reviewing the book Get Noticed, by Marcus Taylor and Rob Lawrence. Rob is an online acquaintance of mine that I met through Ariel Hyatt’s Music Success in 9 Weeks Challenge- a boot camp on how to market your music online. Rob is more than just a musician though; he is a talented consultant and coach who helps musicians market themselves and get recognition […]

How to Live In Harmony With Your Passwords


The shift to the cloud has made our lives easier. Online services are replacing things that our computers used to do, and to take advantage, all you have to do is sign up. Along with all of these new logins, comes more passwords. What’s a “connected” person to do? The purpose of this article is to teach you how to live in harmony with your passwords using a fantastic free password manager called LastPass.

Digital Clutter: Does it Really Exist?

Ordered Lights bw

One of the books that has been a big influence on me in the last year is Clutter Busting by Brooks Palmer. Palmer is a profound writer, who’s “day job” is going around helping people get rid of the stuff that’s holding them back. In the book, he teaches the clutter busting process through personal stories and experiences he shares with tender and loving detail. Along with the physical space this stuff takes up in our lives, Palmer is illuminating when it comes to the emotional clutter that is attached to the physical. Seeing something from your past can bring up a strong emotional reaction, especially when it’s tied to something negative.

How to Not Lose Everything: The Importance of Backing Up


I knew the situation was bad when he called a second time. My brother doesn’t usually have any urgent situations, but today was different. When I finally got him on the phone, I asked him what was wrong. “I’m sooooo fucked!” Uh oh. His (vintage) iBook had been acting strange the last couple of days until this morning, when it decided that it would just wait on the boot screen endlessly. He sat and stared […]

Traveling Light: The Technology You Need To Take Your Life On The Road


[Editors Note: This post is from 2011] Starting on Saturday, September 10th, I will be embarking on an epic journey: Bicycling from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco CA. I’ll be carrying everything I need with me on the bicycle, like camping gear, food, and clothes. I’ve written before about the wonderful clarity you can get from taking a vacation from technology, but this trip will be different. One month away is a little too long, […]

The Shotgun Approach to Offers <-And Why It Fails

How to Make Compelling Offers

Imagine you have a store, and you want to get more people to walk in off the street. You put a sign outside that’s red with tall lettering that says (rather loudly) 30% OFF SALE TODAY! And you wait. And wait.. And wait… .. Maybe people see it, maybe they don’t. Maybe people walk in, maybe they don’t. Why aren’t customers being attracted by the 30% off sale? Maybe the sale needs to be 40%? […]

The Kindness of Strangers: Why You Get Ignored Online


My guest post on Kind Over Matter got me thinking about other forms of kindness on the internet. And what I realized, is that the internet is one big ball of kindness, if you play your cards right. Now, before you change the channel- We turn to the internet with all of our questions and we rely on the kindness of strangers for our answers. Sometimes we search Google and get a website with the […]