Grow Your Offline Business

A free four-module course for creative small businesses on how to build a profitable and responsive email list.

Just because the goods and services you create are offline, doesn’t mean you can’t significantly grow your list of clients, increase your sales, or have a broader local reach. All it takes is an email list.

After over 60 hours of work, my new free course: Pre-Sold and Hooked is now available to the world. The “pre-sold” part means that the people on your list are already in the market for what you offer, and the “hooked” part means that they love getting email from you.

Here’s what’s inside this 4-day course:

1. Return Customers that Come Back Over and Over. Why you are working so hard to attract new customers when you could be building your relationship with existing ones.

2. Building a List of People Waiting and Hungry to Hear About New Things in Your Business. I detail my most important strategies for getting people excited about what you’re doing.

3. More Buyers for Life. So you don’t have to keep looking for new ones.

4. Separating Business from Pleasure. Don’t take the risk of using your personal email account for your business emails. How to extract your email list from your existing personal account.

5. Know What Your Customers Want. How to get and use data from your email list: Know which emails are clicked and opened so you know what your customers want.

With this course, I didn’t hold back. Everything I know about creating a successful email list is contained in this course.  It should probably cost money, but I’ve decided to give it away for free because the need for this in the small business community is so great.

Once you subscribe, you’ll get instant access to Lesson 1 of Pre-Sold and Hooked.


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