To celebrate my birthday (today), I'm allowing you to pay whatever you want for the Inbox Zero Training Program.

This offer expires at 12:01 AM Eastern on March 29th.

On March 28th, 2012, I turn 27 years old.

I know it may not sound like much, but I've already spent enough years in a 9-5 job to know: it isn't for me. And so, I decided to launch a business around my passion: helping people handle technology to help their businesses get more customers, and make their lives easier.

As I celebrate my birthday, I also look to the future: On June 1st I will be celebrating my freedom from the 9-5 lifestyle, hopefully forever.

The path ahead may not be easy, but it is what I want. It is what I am determined to do.

My Gift for You

On my birthday, I'll be receiving gifts from family and friends, but I also want to take this opportunity to give you a gift.

In light of this celebration, I want to give you the opportunity to claim a freedom of your own: freedom from an email inbox that rules your life.

For just 24 hours, I will be offering the acclaimed Inbox Zero Training Program for just…

Whatever you think it's worth.

Here's how it works:

  1. The Inbox Zero Training Program registration (which has been closed since February) is now open.
  2. You can change the price to whatever you think it's worth. You can even choose $0 if you think that's fair.
  3. At 12:01AM eastern on March 29th, the normal price of $77 will go back into effect. I probably won't do anything like this for another year.

Click here for more info on the Inbox Zero Training Program and to pay whatever you can to get access. Above all, I hope you enjoy the training!


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