Editor’s Note: I’m running a contest where I am giving away over $600 in services for you or your business, and I want you to enter it. Do you want in? All the details are at the bottom of this post.

I used to have a serious problem in my business.

The clients that I like to work with most– the (one person) businesses, the people who need me more than the 10- or 20- or 500-person companies– are the very people who cannot afford to hire me on a long term basis.

It’s not that I’m unaffordable. It just doesn’t make sense for a very small business to spend the time to get me up to speed every time they run into a problem. They assume that it’ll cost too much to get me involved in smaller projects. So they save me for the big things– the things they don’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole.

It's just not sustainable for either of us.

You end up spending all your time researching, troubleshooting, and trying everything you can find that might work. You can’t close your laptop until you figure. this. out.

Sometimes you do figure it out, and sometimes you don’t.

But either way, you waste valuable time and effort on something that I could have done much faster.

And when you’re done, the stress that the tech problem creates doesn’t disappear quickly.

Technology doesn’t have to suck the life out of you. In fact, the very thing that you hate is something that I enjoy. Why not let your tech headache be my responsibility? I love troubleshooting. I love researching solutions and trying them out. And I’m damn good at it.

What if there was a way for me to quickly help you with the little tech headaches that get in your way?

On Monday, December 9th, there will be.

I’ll be unveiling something that I call Tiny Services.

They’re small, one-off, specialized things that you can hire Cloud Coach (me) to do for you!

When the doors to the Tiny Services store open next week, you’ll find a range of bite-sized packages to help you solve your tech problems.

  • There  will be WordPress services, like initial setup and monthly maintenance.
  • There will be online business services, like shopping cart and email marketing setup.
  • There will even be email services like my Email Clutter Bust session based on my popular Inbox Zero methodology.
You’ll just head over to the Tiny Services page, find the service that you need, fill out the intake form with the required info, and I take over from there. Easy.

Oh, and one other thing:

I’m giving away $600 worth of Tiny Services!

Yes– since I want to get the word out and launch these services with a bang, I’m giving 4 lucky people 3 months of Webmaster Services! (Webmaster Services is where I take care of your website for you– updates, backups, tweaks, etc.) That’s worth $600! And, if you don’t have a website, you can choose to have an Email Clutter Bust session instead.

How to Enter:

I will select the winners based on the 4 best answers to the following question:

Why are Tiny Services the perfect thing for your business right now?

Leave a comment and let me know how tiny services will help you.

The Deadline:

I'll choose 4 winners that I think have the best answer to the question above, and will will let them know on Tuesday, December 10th. The deadline to leave your comment is Monday the 9th at 10pm Eastern. 

Make sure you check back on the 10th to see if you’ve won.. and to visit the unlocked the Tiny Services shop. Good luck!

There is a comment box just below this blog post. Are you going to leave it blank and pass on this opportunity to win some free services for your business?  

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