I hope you have been having an inspiring and prosperous summer. Cloud-Coach has been growing steadily since launching back in April, including multiple guest posts on sites like Illuminated Mind and Work Awesome. We also released of our first free course, Pre-Sold and Hooked.

What’s Coming?
I’ve been busy planning an epic adventure for the fall that will combine two of my passions: Helping people with technology and bicycle touring.  I plan to cycle from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles, CA and help as many small businesses out along the way as possible. More on that to come.

I hope you’ve appreciated the content from Cloud Coach so far. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments, responding to your emails, and connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

Something's Missing
I recently realized that something was missing: Your voice. It’s important to me that I give you exactly what you need, and not just what I think you need.

So I need your help. Here’s what I want you to do:

I want to make sure I’m helping you reach the outcome you want. Can you spare two minutes to take this survey and make sure I’m doing that?

Click here: http://bit.ly/qmBdjL

Thank You Kindly,


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