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How would you like to have all the tools you need to launch your online business and not have to pay for an expensive support team?

Let's face it, launching a business is hard. When you're just one person, thinking about building a great website, starting an email list, and engaging potential clients online can feel like a huge mountain to climb. And to be honest, it is a lot of work no matter which way you cut it. Rome was not built in a day. But what about 7 days?

Make a Free Website Look Like a $5,000 Website

Every day we are barraged with free tools, tips, products and services that promise to make our lives easier. Have you ever stopped to wonder how much time and energy you spend just on learning them, before you even get to put them to use?

Avoiding the time-sucking obstacles

The tools exist out there to build websites for close to nothing. The decisions you make now before launching your website not only affect:

-how long it will take you to get on line

-how much it will costs

-how much stress it will introduce to your life.

You'll have to choose a website platform. You'll have to learn the unique features that it offers and figure out which ones you'll use, and which to ignore. You'll need to deciding how to engage your clients- An email list? twitter? Pay-per-click advertising? That only opens Pandora's box, because once you've figured out what to use, you'll need to figure out how.

Do you want your website to look free?

There are certain decisions that you will make that will have a huge impact on your web presence. When a potential client comes to your website, do you want it to look like it was free? “No way! I want my website to reflect the care and professionalism that I put into the services that I offer”. Business Launch support from Cloud Coach will coax you around these obstacles.

Why consultants suck

When you get a consultant, you usually pay a stack of cash, and they come back to you with a list of recommendations. What you do with them? That's up to you.

Cloud Coach Business Launch support is like no other consulting service out there, because you will get it done the right way, yourself. Cloud Coach business launch support is a coaching relationship with a valuable set of outcomes:

-Your website will look like it was professionally designed. When someone compliments you on your site, it will be up to you if you want to tell them “I built it myself”, or you could just smile and nod.

-You will have a social media presence. One where you are actually engaging with not just your friends, but fans of your business. You will know what channels to use and which to ignore so you can maximize your time doing what's important.

-You'll have an email list. You'll not only have an email list, but you'll understand how to actually use it to your benefit and how to grow it consistently.

I'd never be able to do this myself.

Would you believe me if I told you I designed and launched this website in 7 days? The only thing that I paid for was the domain name and hosting costs that are typical for any website on the net. I hate writing code. CSS looks like The Matrix to me. I also have no formal background graphic design or web design. I have just learned how to filter out and maximize the free tools that are available on the Internet, and I'd like to help you do the same.

Launching a business online is complicated. I can help you design and launch your website in 7 days, and the best part is that you will forgo the expense of a web designer and do it yourself.

Why should I pay you if I could just hire a web designer?

Building a DIY website will save you serious cash up front, probably between $3,000 and $5,000 dollars. In the long run, it will save you even more. Because what do you think happens when you want to update that $5,000 website with your new rates and product photos? More charges. And that marked-up web hosting that your design company is selling you at $250 per year?

Save the expensive website for when your business is already making money.

Since you’re just launching your business, you need to make smart decisions. Will you have the revenue to support a $5,000 design? I would never advise my clients to take that kind of risk.

Are you ready..

to launch your online business and operate it like a professional, with the budget of a sole proprietor?

You deserve to have all the tools you need to launch your business online without an expensive support team. I invite you to sign up for a free 30 minute consultation so we can further get at the root of your online needs, and come up with an action plan to tackle them.

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