Live and work in harmony with technology

Is your desktop overflowing with files?

Would you you cook a meal in a kitchen you hadn't cleaned yet? Would you try to get something done or start a project in a messy storm of files?

It's not your fault things are this way.

When you were growing up, your parents probably taught you how to clean your room. When it got messy, they told you. Or after dinner, they showed you how you should wash and dry the dishes and where they should get put away.

But nobody taught you how to do that when you started using a computer for everything you ever do. If you're like most people, you probably didn't go to school with a class that explained how to use your computer intelligently.

You've just never either taken the time or had someone show you a simple way to deal with this. Have you ever wondered how some people are so fast on the computer and are able to find what they need and open it so quickly?

Here's your chance to seriously improve

How many times have you found yourself saying “I KNOW I have this document.. Where is it?”, or “I know she sent me that photo, where did I save that attachment?”

After taking the Cloud Coach desktop session, finding things that you know you have on your computer will be quick and easy. We'll make sure we get everything in the place that it should be and teach you a new system for dealing with files on a project basis. That way, everything continues to go to the place it should be.

Breaking the old mentality

For most people, the room that you're sitting in is no longer your office. The computer is your office. Files no longer live in a physical desk space, and you are not tied down to be in any one place. Are you still operating under the mentality that your computer is like a big filing cabinet?

We all have lots of work to do. Being able to easily access the things you need to get the work done will enable you to talk to more customers, make more sales, and spend less wasted time searching for the files you need.

A new way of working

After our desktop coaching sessions, if you could stand over your own shoulder and watch, you would see someone locating what they need, and opening it with ease and facility. You would always know where your project related files are, so you'd spend little time spent browsing. When you have a new idea or create something new, you'll know exactly where to put it depending on what it is. You will have the feeling of ease and clarity and ability to get things done faster.

Take control

For a limited time to celebrate the launch of Cloud Coach, I am offering my complete desktop coaching package for $299. This will get you:

-2 virtual Cload Coach sessions to diagnose and correct desktop organization and flow issues

-Custom visual workflow instructions to help you remember this new system

-Recommendations and setup for any specific software we identify as needed.

But my house is messy, I don't want you to come over

Yes, I recognize that your computer and files may be a mess and that you may feel embarrassed. Everyone has had this problem before, including myself. Most people have not figured this out, so you're definitely not in the minority. Most importantly, this system actually works the best if your files are a mess.

Isn't this something I can do myself?

In short, no. You've been using a computer and you have all your own bad habits and broken systems that you're following. Some of it might be working, but certain pieces of it aren't. You need an outside perspective to break free.

With every Cloud Coach Destkop Coaching package, you'll get:

-Emergency Desktop Cleanup – Give your files a home so you can find them later

-Get to the root cause of what’s creating the disorder and design a new system to handle it – A custom workflow just for you

Most important, you'll be able to start each day with a clean desktop that gives you peace of mind and clarity on what to do next.

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