Complete Email Marketing Setup – $279

I'll bet you've heard how important it is to have an email list on your website. Or about how an email list is the best way to connect with your people. I’ll skip the lecture and go straight to this:

Setting up an email list is a pain in the ass.

You have to pick an email list provider.

You have to set it all up correctly.

You have to write all those “welcome to my list” emails so you don’t sound like a robot.

You have to make it so people can download your freebie correctly.

You have to design a custom signup form…

…and  then deal with all the messy code and find where to put it on your website.

Guess what? Now you don’t have to do any of that.

That's why I put together this Tiny Service. I'll take you from zero to email list, in the time it would take you to write a blog post.

First things first. We’ll sit down together and decide which email marketing platform is better for you. Next, we'll brainstorm some ideas for your freebie and discuss how everything fits together. Then we'll part ways — you'll work on your welcome email while I work my technological magic. When we're both happy, I'll give you a personal tour of your new email marketing platform, and hand the reigns over to you.

Done. And you didn't even break a sweat.

What I'll do:

  • Sit down with you for a 30 minute strategy session to decide which service is right for you
  • Sign you up for an account on Aweber or Mailchimp
  • Configure all the back-end stuff
  • Create a signup form and integrate it on your website
  • Customize your confirmation and welcome emails so you don't sound like a robot
  • Set up your freebie so new subscribers can download it

What you'll have when we're done:

  • An email marketing system that's set up and ready to go
  • A platform for writing an engaging email newsletter
  • A signup form in the side bar of your website that looks great and is easy to use for your website visitors
  • A way to give away some free content to readers in exchange for joining your mailing list
  • A list of recommended reading on how to use your new email list
  • Higher blood pressure

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have an Aweber or Mailchimp account. Is that okay?

Sure! I’m happy to work with an account that you already have.


How much does this cost?

The Complete Email Marketing Setup costs $279


How much do these services cost?

Aweber offers a $1 per month trial, and after that it’s $19.99 per month. Mailchimp is free, with very limited features.


Why do I recommend Aweber when you can get Mailchimp for free?

If you plan to blog and use your email list as a way to promote digital products online, Aweber has a number of advantages that makes the modest price well worth it, such as: Scheduling messages, Autoresponders, A/B Split Testing, etc. (These are all things you can get on Mailchimp, but you have to pay).  We'll talk about this more during the strategy session!


What happens after I sign up?

As soon as you check out, you'll get get a secret link from me via email. Click the link to get to the private intake form, where you'll provide all of the info I need to get started!

Are you ready to get started?

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