Look, credit cards are great. There’s a paper trail, there’s fraud protection, there’s incredible convenience — just swipe and go. But why is it that only companies accept them?

Why can’t we use them to pay the piano teacher, the baby sitter, the lawn-mowing teenager, even first graders at their lemonade stand? Why aren’t credit cards accepted at garage sales, food carts and PTA bake sales? Heck, when your tipsy buddy wants to borrow $20 for a cab home, why can’t you eliminate the awkwardness and future conflict by just running his Visa card on the spot?

Attention Craftspeople, Artists, Small Business Owners: Are you paying attention to this? I've had my eye on this company for a while and am really really want to try this.

Want me to help you set it up? Contact me and we'll get you up and running in no time!

*Disclaimer: You provide iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android.

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