In September of 2011, I took a 1000 mile bicycle tour of the pacific northwest.

This was an unsupported tour- meaning I carried everything I needed in small bags attached to my bicycle. As you can imagine, I didn’t have much carrying capacity, so every single thing that I had had a purpose.

It was my first true taste of minimalism.


This experience has had many profound effects on my life.

It set into motion leaving my full time job, starting this blog that you’re reading right now, and building a tiny house where I now live:


While it’s hard to return to the amazing feeling of calm that I had when I wasn’t looking at a computer screen every day, I have always considered how I could take that experience- the experience of having only what I need- and apply it back to the products and services I offer through Cloud Coach.

Sometimes tiny is all you need.

Today, I am taking a big step forward towards that goal.

A few months ago, a client contacted me. She was frustrated because she loved my writing, and knew she wanted to work with me, but didn’t know how much I charged, what exactly I could do, or if I would be able to help her with the specific problems she had.

After we talked, she found out that the problems she needed help with were exactly the kinds of things I do here at Cloud Coach.

What if there was a way for clients like her to come to the site, see what’s available, what it costs, and buy that service right then and there?

Well, now there is. They’re called Tiny Services.

How do Tiny Services work?

Simple! Each tiny service has it’s own page, and on that page you’ll find all the details– what I do, what you get, and pricing. You’ll notice that most of the tiny services are designed to do the heavy lifting for you– all the configuration, settings, and integrations stuff.

You’re just left with something that works, plus clear instructions on how to use it.

Example 1:

Shannon wanted her business set up with a professional email account from Google Apps, but she didn't want to delve into all the back-end techie stuff that is involved in the configuration. Rather than pull her hair out, she selected the Professional Email Setup Tiny Service, provided me with some basic info, and was delighted when I emailed her the login info for her brand new account.

Example 2:

Jesse knew he wanted to have a WordPress website, but he was unclear about how everything connected together. The domain, the hosting, the databases, bleh. Instead of spending hours researching how to set everything up properly, Jesse chose the Domain, Hosting, and WordPress Tiny Service. I took care of all the back-end stuff and handed Jesse the keys to a new website with a premium WordPress theme installed at no additional charge.

Just because the services themselves are small and affordable, doesn’t mean they won’t make a big impact for your business. Sometimes tiny is all you need.

Here’s how you get a tiny service for yourself:

  • Pick a Tiny Service
  • Pay for it
  • Answer some questions
  • Sit back and enjoy having a pro take care of your tech headaches!

Getting tech help only works if you can accept it

I've written before that having the right attitude about technology is really important. It takes a certain kind of person to be willing to accept the help that is available.

You have a decision to make:

You can continue to get frustrated with your tech needs and allow your life and business to suffer.

Or  you can check out Tiny Services and get some real tech help for your business. Are you ready to stop struggling?

Sometimes tiny is all you need!

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