Start Leveraging Technology

to Get More Customers Online

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You know you can get more customers online. But you don’t know how.

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You have a website but it’s not doing anything for your business.

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You want your investment to pay off. You want your website to market itself.


There are two types of people: those that are going to remain confused and let their businesses fail, and those that are going to get help to start leveraging the internet and technology. If you’re in the second group, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Cloud Coach.

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Hi, I’m Ethan. I’m a technology coach. I love small businesses, but small business owners typically don't use technology enough, meaning they pass up on serious growth opportunities. Cloud Coach exists to give business people like you the understanding and support that they need to work in harmony with technology.


Hide your inactive windows on your Mac with SpiritedAway

Hide your inactive windows on your Mac with SpiritedAway

Welcome to another Tiny Tech Tip! Today, I'm talking about a free app for Macs called SpiritedAway. SpiritedAway will hide all inactive windows after they've been idle for a set amount of time. As soon as you enable it, any inactive windows will be hidden. I keep...

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What's SEO and how do I do it on my website?

You’ve probably heard the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, a lot. If you have a website, it’s almost impossible not to hear people talk about it. At it’s core, Search Engine Optimization is the process of making the pages on your website more relevant to search engines.

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You will never become tech-savvy (if you believe that)

You will never become tech-savvy (if you believe that)

What is tech-savvyness? Why do some people have it and other don’t? If it’s something that is learned, does this mean that you can teach it?

I’ve been thinking about these questions (and more) lately, and there are a number of different answers. Here’s what I’ve come up with

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