Is this you?

You greet every technology issue with the same level of panic.
You always assume that something is “broken.”
You never think that anything is going to just work out of the box.

You, my friend, are a technology defeatist.

There are people in my life who I love very dearly who are technology defeatists.

And though working with a technology defeatist can be a challenge, it's not your fault that you are one.

Using technology is rarely seamless, and it requires a certain kind of mindset to ensure a positive experience. People who are used to working with other people—who are used to being able to control a situation socially—may have trouble with the stark causality of technology problems.

If you recognize yourself in any of the above statements, I have some homework for you.

The next time you react to the technology in your life, pause for a moment. 

First: Take a deep breath when your technology fatalism rears its head.

Second: Rather than try to identify what is broken, look at what is working and make a mental note.

Third: Monitor your self-talk and be kind to yourself. Remember: Computers aren't people. This isn't something personal.

Finally: Learn how to ask for help. You'll be much more likely to get it if you can communicate the right way.

How do you react when technology doesn't behave the way you expect? Does your default response serve you?

photo by tobym

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