I know you're busy, so I'll get right to the point:

I'm worried about your WordPress site.

A lot of business owners don't give it the proper TLC. You know: updating Plugins, installing security updates, backing the site up regularly.

As your Cloud Coach, I’m concerned. Yeah, all that administrative tech stuff is boring and confusing…but treating neglecting your website this way could lead to catastrophe.

So here's my proposal: Save your time, energy, and sanity. Let me take care of your website for you.

Let’s talk about your car for a minute.  Tell me: What do you do to keep your car running?

Since I’m not sitting in the room with you, I’m guessing you probably just thought about your oil change every 3,000 miles, keeping air in the tires, replacing worn out belts and stuff, etc.

Your mechanic calls these things preventative maintenance, and it’s for good reason. This stuff *prevents* future problems. So, you spend $50 now to avoid a surprise $500 problem later.

Your WordPress website is a lot like your car. Perform the preventative maintenance and enjoy many problem free miles.

Fail to take care of it, and you're headed straight for calamity.


You would never dream of performing the 3,000 mile service in your car by yourself, so it’s a no-brainer to bring the car to the service station and allow a professional take care of it.

But what about your website?

you’re like most of my clients, you have better things to do then make sure that your plugins are all compatible with the latest WordPress update.

Doing a monthly backup, installing WordPress updates, and ensuring your site is free of malware is *not* at the top of your to-do list.

Keeping a website running from month to month doesn’t take a heroic effort, but if you don’t take care of things on a regular basis, you can easily find your website down, without a proper backup, and not much recourse.

As a small business owner, you are forced to wear many, many hats. Marketing, Sales, Copywriter, Consultant, Coach, Technician. Webmaster does not have to be one of them.

~Introducing Webmaster Services from Cloud Coach~

Every month, I will:

  • Ensure that all of your plugins are up to date

Keeping your plugins up to date is crucial for keeping your website online.  You see, when WordPress updates itself, old plugin versions can often conflict with these changes, resulting in strange errors for your visitors, or even worse: your whole site crashing.

I’ll make sure your plugins are always running the latest version so you’ll have nothing to worry about.

  • Perform a complete and secure backup of your website

Do you run a WordPress website without backing it up? That’s like owning a beach house without flood insurance. I’ll install and configure an industry standard backup plugin on your website, and ensure that it runs successfully every single month.

That means your website will get super-securely backed up straight to the cloud on a regular basis, and you can rest assured that your hard work will never be lost in case of a hack or crash.

  • Verify that your WordPress software is up to date

WordPress websites are an appealing target for hackers. That’s why WordPress is constantly releasing security updates to plug vulnerabilities before they get exploited. But if you don’t update WordPress regularly, you don’t have this extra protection.

I’ll ensure that you’re always running the latest, most secure version of WordPress.

In addition, I will also:

  • Make up to three small changes on your site, free of charge!*
  • Make sure that Google Analytics is installed properly and reporting all data
  • Email you monthly with a status report letting you know that everything is okay.

*Small changes are things like changing text, images, and menus. If your requests are bigger, I will give you an estimate at a reduced rate!

Are you ready to sit back, put your website maintenance on autopilot, and focus on what you're great at knowing that your site is secure and running smoothly?

You’ve spent a lot of money and countless hours building an online presence. As a business owner, your website is a crucial part of your life and business.

And when it get’s messed up, well, that really sucks.

I want to make sure that all your hard work and investment stays online, without any unnecessary stress or confusion on your part.

Let Cloud Coach be your webmaster.

Sign Up for Webmaster Services Today

Just $49.99 per month or $499 per year

  • Secure Cloud Backups
  • Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Security
  • 3 Free Changes

Monthly Subscription

Try it for a month for just $1

Then $49.99 per month

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(monthly payment)

Annual Subscription

->Save $100<-

$499 per year

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Other awesome Cloud Coach Webmaster Benefits:

  • Get 15% off my usual hourly rate for technology coaching
  • Get 15% off my usual hourly rate for web design
  • Get 10% off all Tiny Services!
  • Free access to all premium themes and plugins that I own


Pretty much anyone who doesn't sit at their desk all day needs this service. Getting an email each month that tells you that your website is secure and up to date is invaluable.

-Shanna Mann, Change Catalyst

erica-trestyn-cultivate-nourishment-2I am a nutrition counselor and owner of Cultivate Nourishment. I specialize in helping women gain control of their life and their body through my private coaching programs.

Before working with Ethan I was completely clueless about how to manage my own website and was looking for someone to help me restructure my site.

Webmaster Services makes my life so much easier! Ethan is extremely professional and attentive to your needs. I highly recommend using him for any web or internet based needs.

– Erica Trestyn, Cultivate Nourishment


Monthly Subscription

Try it for a month for just $1

Then $49.99 per month

Get Started

(monthly payment)

Annual Subscription

->Save $100<-

$499 per year

Get Started

(that’s two months free!)


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