One of the most annoying things about blogging regularly is finding and using great images for your blog posts. Recently, I started using a free plugin called PhotoDropper for WordPress that greatly simplifies the process (dare I say it even makes it enjoyable).

There are a lot of good reasons to place powerful images that speak to your audience on each and every blog post.

Images help catch people's attention when they click to your blog from twitter or from google search results. Facebook favors images over text updates in your feed. Plus, with sites like Pinterest running solely on images, it's important that you have a good one for every post.

If you've ever used Flickr or another Creative Commons search engine to find images for your blog posts, you know it's a somewhat painful, multi-step process. Well, not anymore.

Since I wanted to show you hands-on how this fantastic plugin works, this week's blog post is in the form of a video:

Tell Me…

I'm always curious about how other bloggers and readers interpret blog post images.

Do you place a lot of importance on your blog post images or are they just icing on the cake? Do you like reading blogs with powerful images?

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