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Hi, I'm Ethan.

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I'm a technology coach, mac fanatic, and multi instrumentalist. I enjoy hot yoga, cycling and skiing in the playground that is Burlington, VT.

The Reason Why

I love small businesses. There’s something about the the sole proprietor that gets my heart beating. The typical small business person I talk to is not using technology nearly enough, and is usually passing up on serious opportunities to grow their business.

Cloud Coach exists to give real life business people the understanding and support that they need to live and work in harmony with technology.

When I speak to small business people, here’s what I find out. They are usually entrepreneurs. But in addition, they are artists. They have found something that they love to do and have even started to make it pay. But when they try to expand into having a web presence, they usually feel confused and defeated.

Does that sound interesting?

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Cloud Coach and You

Have you ever felt stuck? Lost? Defeated on the computer? Have you ever thought: “Oh, I’ll call up so and so, he’ll know exactly what to do.” I am that guy.

I want to launch a website by myself, what platform should I use?” I’m your guy for that.

I’m getting way too much email and it’s causing me to fall behind on my business.” I’m your guy for that.

My computer desktop looks like a tornado just hit it and I haven’t bothered to clean it up ever.” I’m your guy for that.

I just got a new Mac and I’m really excited, but I have NO idea where to start.” I’m your guy for that.

Cloud-Coach is your place to learn and improve. If you are someone who struggles with technology but is determined to use it because you can see the benefits, this is for you.

I promise to never get too technical on you. I promise to share only techniques and tips that I have used myself to ensure success for you. Most important, I promise to keep your best interests at heart, because I only succeed if you do.

Your Independence

Lots of people are good with technology. You can hand a project off to them and they hand it back to you completed. But you don’t want to have to rely on other people. You want to learn to become self sufficient. You know that once you get up and running, you can and will handle this yourself. But first you need someone with vision to get you started.

My Story

I’m not here to fix your computer. I’m a technology visionary and I’m here to fix your attitude.

I’m an artist at heart. I write songs and perform regularly around Burlington, VT. I have a degree in instructional design, and have built online training courses.. doing everything from graphic design to voice-overs. While I understand the technical, I appreciate the value of being able to translate it all back into English so that you can understand what is going on.

I’ve been a technology coach for over 10 years.

It started at a young age when I found that I had the ability to fix people’s computer problems even if I didn’t know anything about what they were trying to solve. Word quickly spread, and before I knew it I was the go-to kid for technical support. I set up people’s home networks and helped their parents over the phone. When I was 14, I helped a family member set up an eBay store to sell and market her photography, which later morphed into her personal website.

But it quickly become more than that, because you don’t know what you don’t know. Above and beyond just technical support, I know what’s out there and I can recommend what tools you should be using. I have the ability to provide you with a technology vision as opposed to just technical help.

Being self sufficient with technology is absolutely key to running your own business or web presence, and I can provide you with the vision you need to get there. More importantly I can translate my advice back into English and teach you how to implement it.

I Want to Hear From You

How to get involved:

  • You probably have one thing that’s giving you the most trouble. Drop me a line and let me know what you’re struggling with, and I'll personally handle it.
  • Send me a message on Twitter.
  • Say “hi” on the Cloud Coach Facebook wall.

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