Start Leveraging Technology

to Get More Customers Online

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You know you can get more customers online. But you don’t know how.

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You have a website but it’s not doing anything for your business.

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You want your investment to pay off. You want your website to market itself.


There are two types of people: those that are going to remain confused and let their businesses fail, and those that are going to get help to start leveraging the internet and technology. If you’re in the second group, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Cloud Coach.

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Hi, I’m Ethan. I’m a technology coach. I love small businesses, but small business owners typically don't use technology enough, meaning they pass up on serious growth opportunities. Cloud Coach exists to give business people like you the understanding and support that they need to work in harmony with technology.


How to Use Cloak to Secure Your Internet Browsing

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Planet Money, and heard an episode that really opened my eyes. The episode is called Project Eavesdrop, and the general premise is that the reporter hires a technology firm to spy on his home internet connection and see...

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How to Borrow Amazon Kindle Books for Free

I love my kindle. I love how the screen is not backlit, so it feels like I’m reading something analogue. I love how small and thin it is, so it easily slips into my backpack. I also love how it only cost $70  so I have no problem brining it to the beach or other...

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You Don't Know Anything About Your iPhone

As intuitive as Apple makes their products, I’m constantly shocked by the things that people don’t know. And as Apple continues to advertise how versatile and powerful the iPhone 5S is, they don't really ever tell you how. Reflecting on it, there’s no reason you...

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