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A free resource kit for anyone who's buried in email and wants a way out.

Just because you get a ton of email, doesn’t mean you can’t significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to check, lower the amount coming in, or take advantage of amazing add-ins. All it takes is a little know-how.

I wasn't planning on releasing this as a free course, but… The Email Ninja Kit is now available to the world. The “ninja” part means that you're using powerful techniques that don't require anything more than your own two hands (well, a mouse and a computer).

Here’s what’s inside this resource kit:

1. A set of work­sheets that you can use today to reduce your email load by at least 20%. Not next week or in a month- Yes, if you follow these steps it is not uncommon to see a 20% reduction in incoming mail.

2. A recorded tour around my inbox so you can see how I keep it orga­nized by fil­ter­ing and label­ing, and what options I’ve enabled to make that happen

3. My top 5 favorite Gmail Labs (Don’t worry if you don’t know what these are yet) and how to use them. These are powerful features for Gmail that add a some amazing features to help you get your email under control even faster.

I didn't hold back with this one. Heck, I even take you inside my own personal inbox to show you how I have it all set up. It should probably cost money, but I’ve decided to give it away for free because the email epidemic is getting out of hand.

Once you subscribe, you'll get instant access to the Email Ninja Kit. You'll also receive the free [Cloud-Coach] weekly newsletter:

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