Live and work in harmony with technology.

I work with very limited number of people one-on-one to help them live and work in harmony with technology.

I help people do things like:

  • Take control of massive amounts of email
  • Use email marketing to engage their customers and make more sales
  • Help integrate technology like smart phones and tablets so that they actually make life easier

Guiding Principals

There is no problem that cannot be solved.

When we come across a technology problem, it can feel like the end of the world. We feel like we’re the only people who don’t get it. We feel alone. The truth of the matter is that if you’re running into a problem, there are countless other people who have already encountered and solved that problem. All you need to do is find the solution.

You are not stupid.

We tend to beat ourselves up with technology doesn’t go as planned. You are not supposed to know how to do this. It’s okay to not know the answer. Recognizing that you don’t know something is the first step in learning it.

Learning how to do it yourself is the ultimate freedom.

If you have to hire someone every time you need to change a page on your website, how does that serve you? True technology understanding happens when you are able to self serve. Strive to understand how to solve the problem, not just the solution.

Are you ready for a technology transformation?

I only like to work with people who are a good fit. I’m not interested in taking your money unless I see an opportunity for you to massively benefit from our time together.

If you’d like to work with me, please email me and say hello. We’ll have a strategy session (free) to see if you’re a good fit.


Rave Reviews

Ethan has been an invalu­able resource and source of inspi­ra­tion in help­ing me cre­ate a web pres­ence for my band. Though I am fairly tech savvy, Ethan knew how to parse through the vast array of social media ser­vices avail­able for musi­cians in order to find the ones that really worked for me. Thanks for help­ing us share our music with the (dig­i­tal) world!

Gallop Music

Thank you for empow­er­ing me with tech­nol­ogy!! Your thought­ful­ness and exper­tise is extra­or­di­nary!

Abbi Jaffe

I have been the recipient of Ethan’s concise, patient and well orga­nized coaching. He is both resourceful and creative in his approach, and always had more than one way to instruct me and resolve my computer questions. He is a pleasure to work with.

Deb Schwartzman

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