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If you're looking for a cleverly worded, bio-friendly explanation of what it is that I do here at Cloud Coach, then you're in the wrong place*.

Here you'll find examples of things that I've actually helped real-world people accomplish.

Website/Business/Marketing Things

Create a WordPress website

Create an online store using WooCommerce

Create a Weebly website and teach the director of a Senior Center how to use it

Switch from Blogger to WordPress

Switch from WordPress to Weebly

Configure a free gift

Set up Aweber email marketing

Set up Mailchimp email marketing

Integrate eJunkie with a WordPress sales page

Integrate event registration function on Yoga studio's website

Integrate and embed a Google Calendar of events for a retreat center

Change colors of text on WordPress website

Install and customize a new theme on  a WordPress website

Redirect multiple URLs to point to the same website

Setup a Facebook page

Setup Facebook advertising

Create and sell tickets to an event on Eventbrite

Email Things

Set up custom filters in a Gmail account to reduce load of bulk/nonessential email

Set up Google Apps for professional business email

Consolidate 3 Gmail accounts into one

Install Postini on domain email to reduce spam from hundreds per day to zero

Misc Things

Set up for and configure LastPass

Format a word document into a beautiful PDF

Find a service to blast blog posts to Facebook and twitter

Filter twitter so they didn't have to see tweets from a certain user

Get iPhone to accept cookies

Teach a grandmother how to use her iPod Touch

Set up home networking equipment

Switch from Windows to Mac

Install Parallels to run Windows on a Mac

*See the about page


Can I Help You With Things Too?


Chances are, I can.

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