What do you do when you want something? When you have a goal, how do you remind yourself of it?

My friend owns a Yoga retreat, and once a month (at the full moon) she throws a potluck party. It is a gathering of friends with a purpose; to set their intentions for the coming month. This is a deliberate process where you share what you want to accomplish with the whole group and everyone focuses on what you want and “holds space” for your goals.

Setting intentions is simply owning up to what you want and putting it out there.

But how to do it in a digital world?

All of the time we spend staring at tiny screens is speeding up our brains. We can't focus on anything for a very long time; and how could we when there's the entire internet staring us in the face?

I’m a multipotentialite. I get really excited about a project, do intensive research for a week, and then promptly forget about it. So for the projects that I really care about, it’s important that I keep reminding myself that I want to do it.

I thought about the problem, and asked myself: What’s someplace (digital) that I look frequently? The answer came to me as I answered a phone call from my brother: I look at the lock screen of my phone about a million times per day!

Yes, I know this is a low tech solution when compared to apps like Gratitude Journal and Vision Board. My problem with these apps has not been their design or functionality. They are both fantastic in that regard. Unfortunately, I just forget to use them.

So, here’s your assignment. 

  1. Find an image that embodies a project that you’re working on. More importantly, it should show the outcome that you’re working towards.
  2. Set it as the lock screen for your phone so you see it every time you use the phone.

For me, I’ve become inspired to build a Tumbleweed Fencl tinyhouse. I’m enamored with the small house movement and want to change the way I live. Every time I pick up my iPhone, I see:

Every time I pick up my phone, I can’t help but smile and imagine what it will be like to do all the work of building my own house, and the joy I’ll feel and increased independence I’ll get from living in it.

What do you think?

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