Email Clutter Bust – $129

Have you ever…

  • Wished someone would take you by the hand and help you blast through the chaos in your inbox?
  • Wondered how some people manage to keep their inbox at zero? Or if not zero, less than say, one page deep?
  • Envied those people who seem to be able to find that specific email from that old client two years ago without batting an eye?

I swear these people exist. I know, because I am one of them. I want you to be one of us, too.

Enter: The Email Clutter Bust

This Tiny Service combines my technique found in the Inbox Zero Training Program but custom tailored specifically for your inbox.

It's not just theory.

In this session, we put rubber to the road. It's me, you, and one hour in your inbox. In addition to adapting the Inbox Zero system, we'll address the mess that's in your inbox today and ensure that it doesn't come back. I'll also leave you with a copy of my Automated Inbox Blueprint video to help you keep the system up on your own.

Here's what we'll accomplish:

  • Your email, automated

During an intense live hour, we will sift through your inbox and decide what stays, what goes, and what we can automate.

  • We'll use the mess that's already there

Using the messages that are already lying around, we'll discover exactly what messages we'll target for automation. I'll show you step by step how to identify what can be automated and quickly put it into action.

  • Your inbox, custom tailored for you

Gmail offers a whole lot of labs, plugins, and features that help people make sense of their inboxes. During our session, I'll recommend tools specific for your situation and help you set them up, so your email does what you need it to do.

  • Together, we will create serenity from chaos

We'll use the mess in your inbox as the starting point for a clean start. Check out the testimonials below and look at the numbers. In just a single hour, I've helped folks shed thousands of email messages. And now I want to help you, too.

“If you just cannot get you inbox under control, give Ethan 30 minutes and you will never look at your inbox the same way again.”
“Now I have a highly organized and efficient system that maintains itself and has drastically reduced the time I spend on email.
“Now I can tackle my email and it does not take the whole day.

What we'll do:

  • Talk about how approach filters and labels so each time you clean your inbox, you teach it to organize itself a little bit more.
  • Look for patterns and trends instead of dealing with your email one message at a time. This mindset will help you slow things down and make your inbox manageable again.
  • Select and install a custom set of Gmail labs and other enhancements based on your needs.

What you'll have when we're done:

  • Significantly reduced load in your inbox. Even if you still receive the same amount of email, a lot of it will be pre-organized and filed away before it ever hits your inbox.
  • A customized Gmail setup, with specific filters, labels, and labs special for your inbox.
  • A clear picture of how to keep the mess from piling up. By showing you my technique step by step, you'll be ready to move forward and create the inbox you always wished you had.
  • A solid understanding of my Inbox Zero system and the confidence to move forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The Email Clutter Bust costs $129. Yep, I'll bet you pay more per month for your cable television.


Does this work for all kinds of email?

Yes, and no. My system is specially adapted for Gmail because of its powerful features. If you're not already on Gmail… have you considered getting a Professional Email Setup?


How long will it take?

We'll talk for 60 minutes.


How do we meet?

We'll meet via Skype, Google Hangouts or phone. I will setup screen-sharing if necessary.


Is there a guarantee?

Everybody's inbox is different — so I can't make any specific promises on numbers of emails or anything like that. That said, I can guarantee that you'll have the feeling of control with the knowledge to maintain it. Nice, right?


What happens after I sign up?

As soon as you check out, you'll get a secret link from me via email. The link will take you to a private intake form, where you'll provide all of the info I need!

Are you ready to get started?

Liberate my Inbox!

“I came to Ethan for help in getting control over my bloated email inbox.

He quickly coached me through switching from Mac Mail to Gmail – saving me hours of time and frustration and showing me insider tricks to make it super easy and efficient.

The result? A highly organized and efficient email system that maintains itself and has drastically reduced the time I spend on email.”

-Barbara Stafford, Marketing Consultant

“Working with Ethan was amazing. I learned more about my inbox that makes it for me instead of feeling like I was constantly battling against it.

In the first 10 minutes of my clutter bust session we cleared hundreds of emails that was making my inbox overwhelming. Now I can tackle my email and it does not take the whole day.

While I may not always stay at the elusive inbox zero, I get there more often because of the tips I learned from you.

Working in customer support I sometimes receive up to 50-75 emails a day, over two inboxes and now they are completely manageable. If you just cannot get you inbox under control, give Ethan 30 minutes and you will never look at your inbox the same way again.”

-Adrianne Laconi, Ambassador to Trailblazer and Paid to Exist Community

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