Hi, I hope you had a great weekend…

I just got finished buying the last pieces of gear for my bike trip (who thought that rain pants could be so expensive?) and my plane ticket out to Seattle, where I’ll meet up with my best friend and cousin. From there, we take a train with our bicycles north to Vancouver, where the adventure truly begins. I remember when this trip was just a distant dream, back when I was reading all about bicycle travel and thinking about how I could possibly pull something off like the people on the blogs and books I was reading.

It feels truly amazing to be realizing a dream that I’ve had for so long. Things like this don’t become a reality all that often, so I’m making sure to revel in how great it feels while it’s here.

Anyway, here’s…

An Update On My Inbox Zero Training Program

On Tuesday I sent out a blog post asking if there were any aspiring people out there who’d be interested in a complimentary “Email Ninja Kit” that I’m THINKING about making.

I didn’t want to make this thing if you didn’t want it . . . so I made an interest list to gauge the interest. (If enough people joined the interest list, I promised myself I’d make the kit).

Well.. enough people joined.

So, I’m going to make the complimentary resource kit. If you’re on the interest list, you’ll be getting it on Wednesday.

The Final Call

Starting tomorrow, only people on the “Inbox Zero Training List” will receive insider info on my upcoming training program and receive the free resource kit.

(Some people on my email list are only here for technology advice, not because they're potentially interested in mastering their inboxes . . . so I want to be considerate of them and make sure that they don't get bombarded with information they don't want or need).

So if you want to get the resource kit that's coming out on Wednesday, and the all the good stuff I've got coming your way, I highly suggest you join the “Inbox Zero Interest List” below now:

That’s It For Now

I’m off to figure out how to ship my bike to the west coast!
But rest assured that if you’re on the “Inbox Zero Training Interest List” I’ll be hooking you up with lots of great help and information…
Yours in Learning,

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