I just got the chance to show someone Facetime for the first time. Not just anybody, but my 88 year old grandfather. He had never seen an iPhone before. The capability to place a video call from the palm of my hand to someone 2,000 miles away was magical to him.

Here I am, someone who loves to share new technology with other getting to share something truly amazing with my grandfather. Great for me, right?

Something felt weird.

I realized that this technology has ALREADY become commonplace to me.  It was less than a year ago that this feature even became possible on an iPhone. After a few uses, I’m already thinking “well, that’s nice but I wish I didn’t have to be connected to Wi-Fi.

It’s like Louis CK says, “everything is amazing and nobody is happy”.  Have I already started to take this technology for granted?

Getting to share this with my grandfather was a really fun. And it helped me remember how integral video chat has become in my life, both as a way to connect with family that lives far away and as a way to connect with clients face to face from across the globe.

What are you taking for granted?

Things are changing so quickly that you may be leaving people in the dust.

  • You may be using technology that your customers don’t know or understand.
  • You may be assuming that they are comfortable with the same things you are.
  • There may be things that you can't fathom that already exist. 

Here’s what I want you to take away from this:

All of the incredible technology that is helping you thrive online IS magical, and should not be taken for granted. It should be celebrated  and appreciated. Only through appreciation will you get to take advantage of its full capabilities and get the full benefits.

Your Turn: In the comments, tell me what’s one technology that you’ve been overlooking or taking for granted? 

Photo by Matthew Grapengieser

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